How to Create a Stress-Free Experience For Your Guests in Your FEC

Posted by Inowize on Jun 30, 2020 3:30:00 PM


Safety is one of the most important aspects no matter what business we’re talking about. However, when it comes to Family Entertainment Centers, we strongly believe that this comeback period should be about two aspects: making your customers feel safe and nevertheless, create amazing experiences for them. And remember this: now it’s a great time to make a second first impression and it can be amazing.

It is safe to say that there is a need for entertainment - whether we’re talking about kids and teens, adults and even seniors. It’s all about that “good honest fun” vibe that people are seeking after staying inside their homes for so long. 




Eliminate queues


Queuing in a post-pandemic world. Who would’ve thought that? Waiting in line to get in or waiting in line so they can have some fun used to be something that would spark a lot of joy. That thrill, the excitement that they were just about to enjoy a great time with friends and family. However, that’s not an option anymore. By eliminating queues, you can make sure your guests are safe.

How can you do that?

Remember that as long as you have your customer’s safety as one of your number one priorities, things just fall into the right place.

You’re probably opening at a lower capacity right now, because you can’t let your center run at full capacity. When working with various customers, some of them are impatient, some are scared of getting infected or some don’t want to take the imposed measures. Things may feel like a rollercoaster, and it's something we gotta get used to

By removing queues, you’ll make everyone feel safer, including yourself. You’ll create a hassle-free environment that everyone has something to get out from.

You can use a ticketing and reservation system (either from an external source or as an integrated part on your website). With that, you allow your customers to buy digital tickets for a specific hour, which allows you to know how many people you’ll have in your center at different times of the day.


Let your customers come in organized groups


This aspect is probably the most important, because it allows you to put all of your customers in a comfortable position. They know when they should come to your center, that they should have a mask on, that probably there won’t be a lot of people near them at the same time. Or anything that makes them feel comfortable in that perspective. In this way, you are also enabling planning way ahead, so you will know how many people you’ll be expecting.




Moreover, think about it from this perspective: how great it is to let your customers control their journey. By doing all the things we’ve suggested above, you are closer to your guests. You can understand what makes them feel comfortable or what let’s say, would bother them.

Another important aspect is to constantly and thoroughly sanitize all the equipment and surfaces with sanitising wipes or disinfectant. People want to be and feel safe. How do you do that? By being so transparent with everything that you do. Have your staff do that in front of your guests. By doing that, you have proof that everything is safe and sound for them to have a great time.

In order to release all the stress that may be felt by your customers, try to be patient and nevertheless, as friendly as possible. Use your social media platforms to let them know how everything is sanitised or that they can enjoy their times in organized groups.

All in all, everyone is still adapting to this new normal. We strongly believe that no matter the circumstances, people will trust your center if you are being transparent and if you show interest in their well-being.


How do you create a stress-free environment for your guests? 😀




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