What sets VR Quest Arena, the 6 Player System, apart from other systems?

Posted by Inowize on Nov 13, 2019 5:37:17 PM


Planning on adding a VR system to your center or looking for a great new attraction? We have something truly remarkable for you: VR Quest Arena – 6 Player System! It’s the only small size VR attraction on the market that has a 6 player setup, and also comes with amazing benefits for your FEC.



The VR Quest Arena is the only system on the market at the moment that can accommodate up to six players. Read below what is that sets the 6-Player System apart from everything else on the market:

  1. Small Footprint. VR Quest Arena – 6 Player System has a smaller footprint than most 4 Player VR attractions on the market. The low space requirement makes it an easy fit for most FECs.
  2. Increased Throughput. Having a 6 player VR system increases the numbers of players per game, by 50% compared to the standard 4 player arenas. That’s half more paying guests in the same time frame.
  3. More Income. Increased throughput also means increased revenue. It will maximize income and raise your profit margin by half. Simply put, you’ll have 50 % more income per game / per hour / per year.
  4. Great for Events. Having a high capacity VR attraction is great for events. It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday party for kids or a corporate event, guests will play VR. Having a 6-Player Arena means you’ll cut down queues, and your guests will have a better experience at your center.
  5. Easy to operate. Even if the 6-Player System increases player capacity by half, you will still need just one operator to manage things. The VR Quest Arena is very easy to run and it comes with user-friendly control software.
  6. Outclass your competition. The 6-Player Arena, coupled with highly engaging and competitive VR games, will make your FEC stand out from other centers in the area. Your guests will most certainly see the difference.


Virtual Reality is all about the content


In VR content is truly King, the games you run in your center will directly impact your revenue. VR Quest Arena comes with highly engaging multiplayer games. They have all the right traits: stunning graphics, great replay value, fun and competitive gameplay, wide audience appeal.




A good VR attraction needs amazing content!


  1. Unique VR Games. VR Quest Arena runs only exclusive content, develop in-house. We strive to produce VR experiences that are both appealing to the public and profitable to location owners.
  2. Diverse Content. You get a wide range of VR games, so your guests will always have something to do. Visitors can choose between team-based experiences and player vs player games. They can become intergalactic fighters, fierce pirates, hi-tech racers and more.
  3. High Replay Value PvP Games. VR Quest Arena is the only VR attraction that runs a lot of player vs player games. Let’s face it, it’s much more fun playing against your friends and family than shooting the same AI characters over and over again. Plus, player vs player games have much more replay value than team-based games, and they bring in more income.
  4. Fun for Everyone. Is it possible, family-friendly and extremely fun? Yes, we keep our games family orientated but very engaging and highly entertaining. We don’t use gore effects, scary monsters, overrated zombies, or other creepy stuff. In turn, we make everything very competitive, but also lighthearted and fun. That’s why everyone likes our games: kids, teens, adults, even seniors.
  5. New Titles Released Periodically. You need new content to keep your guests entertained. So, our goal is to develop 3 new titles per year. That’s a lot in terms of game design, but don’t’ worry, we’ll always ship-out high-quality content (we’re overachievers).
  6. Tournament Ready. Turn your center in an eSports arena with our built-in tournament platform. You can organize intense gaming competitions and spectacular social events. It will keep your guests coming back for more thrills, or the chance to win a grand prize.


  • Why settle for less when you could have so much more?


Affordable Licensing.

Take advantage of our 1-year license-free policy! It will save you money, so you can have a faster ROI and a higher profit margin. Plus, we have the most affordable licensing cost on the market.

Tech Support Available 24/7.

We provide you with premium tech support, available 24/7. On top of this, VR Quest Arena is easy to manage, it has a user-friendly interface and a simple to operate control software.

Smart Upgrade.

VR Quest Arena comes in two versions: the 4-Player System and the 6-Player System. Let’s say you’re not very familiar with VR, or you’re not sure how your guests will respond to VR. You can first choose a 4-Player Arena, and if you want more throughput, you can easily upgrade to a 6-Player Arena with our Smart Upgrade option.


Are you ready to bring VR to your center?


If you would like to know more on how to benefit from an up to 6 player VR arena and how it can serve best your business, check out the VR Quest Arena and get in touch with us, write to us at office@inowize.com.



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